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Property Investment in South Africa

The global financial turmoil and general bewildered political status in South Africa, have the effect on investors to slow down property investments and rather place their funds within the financial arena. It is a well-known fact that inflation and the devaluation of money units results into negative growth over periods of 5 years and longer. The secrets to property investments are to buy at the bottom-end of the market value and ensure that takers for these properties are on demand and in the increase, thus the future of the investment is financially determinable. Buy-to-Rent has proven to be a sustainable investment, with first-time tenants as takers. I am persuaded that a qualified property valuer, can operate objectively, as he has no vested interest in the transaction and neither does the market value of the property have any correlation to the valuation fee. Investors should place less weight on the lower/bargain valuation fees, when in need of a property professional, this can result in lesser quality work, which can turn-out to be costly, when making poor investment decisions. Quality market research takes time as and most of the time does require physical footwork. The same regardless attitude towards proper insurance advice, is found be an acceptable norm… why pay for an insurance assessor…it will never happen to me! For most people their immovable properties are a rather large proportion of the investment portfolio, for which we all have worked so hard to accumulate, so then WHY neglect the risk management component to your wealth? Added services:

Exclusive custom research reports on all types of property and the property markets;

Handle entire objection process on General Valuation Roll for Cape Town;

Consultation on all property matters;