What we offer

“This is Sam, a wine farmer from the Cape Winelands. He suffered substantial losses in the recent fires that ravaged the Peninsula. When he tried to claim for the losses he had incurred, he found that he was underinsured. While discussing this with his broker, Sam realised his broker can only provide him with premium advice and is not an independent loss assessor. His broker is not qualified to determine the value of an asset portfolio since only specialist Insurance Valuer and Assessors can do this.”

If only Sam had known this before taking out his policy, he would have been adequately insured and his insurance policy would have covered the real value of his assets.

For reliable and accurate advice to ensure that your agricultural, commercial, industrial or residential properties and assets are suitably insured, contact us.

Services offered to the insured >

  • Insurance Policy Audit & Consulting
  • Insurance Valuations (Value at Risk)
  • Assessment of Loss (AoL)
  • Risk Surveying

Services offered to the insurer >

  • Insurance Valuations (Value at Risk)
  • Assessment of Loss (AoL)
  • Tender Adjudication
  • Project management of the re-building/ replacement

Why use an independent service provider?

  • Insurers work on a generic 10% escalation which can over- or under- insure your property or assets while accurate annual escalations on the bill of materials and labour can ensure a tailored and profiled escalation.
  • Your broker can give you advice, but he or she is often neither qualified to determine the value nor are they independent, since they earn commission on the value of the policy. Therefore, they cannot tell you at what value you must insure, they can only suggest, but even in that case they are often not suitably qualified professional insurance valuers.
  • Your insurer can also not advise you on the values you need to insure your property or assets at as they are determining the premium you will be paying monthly.
  • As a result, there is conflict of interest and your broker and insurer are not allowed by law to tell you what the value for your building or asset should be.

If you want an independent professional that is focussed on accurate valuations, consult us.