Valuation Process

1. Inquiry

+27 21 910 0072

2. Proposal

Indication of information to be supplied versus to be obtained or researched by Cape Value (Pty) Ltd

Formal proposal

Should you wish to proceed:

Proof of deposit

Documents to be supplied

3. Preliminary

Perusing of documents

Site identification and preparation for inspection

Methodology and model configuration or development (peer reviewed and international sourcing)

Any additional research required at this stage

4. Site Inspection

Photo/picture record
Condition assessment
Interview with representatives or other stakeholders
Inclusion of any changes to original proposal

5. Market Survery

Property or asset specific research

Analysis of data and application to subject property or asset

Assumption testing

Internal panel-based valuation review

6. Compilation

Application of market analysis and assumptions

Client specific reporting requirements

Alignment of reporting standards

Quality control

7. Finalisation

Discussion of results

Incorporation of comments

Final report

Client to provide proof of balance payment

8. Feedback

Customer satisfaction evaluation


Channel preference registration